Rapid Intervention Crew DVD

SKU RI 1103
Rapid Intervention Crew DVD training video teaches about a unit made up of emergency responders trained in emergency scene rescue techniques.

The Crew's objective is to rescue emergency responders who become trapped, injured or missing during response activities. This training video is for those personnel.

Topics covered include:
  • Mission of the Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC)
  • OSHA's 2 In/2 Out Rule
  • Training requirements
  • Duties of the RIC Officer
  • Maintaining a pro-active stance
  • Information gathering
  • Equipment used
  • Tactical worksheets
  • Search ropes vs. charged hose lines
Includes an Instructor's Guide on CD-ROM with PowerPoint on the NFPA standard, testing materials and checklists.

For international orders, please call 713-621-1100.

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