Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my products?

Most items are in stock and available for immediate shipment. We will process your order the same day provided we hear from you before 3:00 pm CST via UPS Ground. We can accommodate a faster service for an additional charge.

Is the information in your programs current?

Through our technical committees, we review each one of our programs on a regular basis to ensure that they are still up to date. If we find that new response techniques are being used, or that government standards and regulations have changed in a way that impacts the program, we revise the program and re-release it in a newer version. Customers who have previously purchased the program may return their old version for a copy of the new one at a substantial discount. In fact, if you have purchased a program within the past six months you will receive the update for free, provided you return your old copy. For more information, call us at 1-877-881-2235 (option 1) or email

Do you offer a guarantee?

Because of the digital media content being sent, all sales are final.

Are your programs available for resale by distributors and bookstores?

Yes. Contact our Distribution Manager at 1-877-881-2235 (option 1) or email to discuss terms. It will be necessary to sign a contract.

Are bulk purchases available?

Yes. If you would like a quote for a bulk order, call our Sales Manager at Toll-Free 1-877-881-2235 (follow menu options).

I don't order over the Internet. How else can I purchase your products?

You may order by telephone at Toll-Free 1-877-881-2235 (follow menu options)  or by mail. Our address is, Inc., 6504 Bridge Point Parkway, Suite 100, Austin TX 78730.  First time customers must pre-pay, submit a purchase order number, or mail or fax a purchase request on company letterhead. International orders must be prepaid. All prices are in US dollars.

How can I pay for my products?

You can pre-pay by credit card (we accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express), by wire transfer, or by check or we will invoice you. First time customers must pre-pay, submit a purchase order number, or mail or fax a purchase request on company letterhead. International orders must be prepaid. All prices are in US dollars.

Can your DVDs be played overseas?

Yes, our DVDs are encoded to play worldwide and should play on most DVD players and computers equipped with DVD players.

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes. For international orders, call for shipping rates. International shipping charges do not include import duties, which are the responsibility of the purchaser. International orders require prepayment. All of our prices are in US dollars.

How do you price your programs?

Emergency Film Group's training materials are very competitively priced, compared with other products of similar quality in the technical marketplace. Technical training videos and DVDs cost more than consumer videos because the market for them is much more narrow while production costs remain high. In most cases, we finance our productions ourselves, with no outside support.

Among the many costs involved:

We hire a technical committee of subject matter experts for each production to ensure that the information is complete and accurate. We use only state of the art production equipment and editing facilities to ensure that the finished product is broadcast quality. We travel around the country to wherever necessary to work with leading organizations in emergency response.

What is a Resource CD-ROM?

A Resource CD-ROM is a separate disk that includes items intended to assist an Instructor in presenting a seminar on the subject matter. Typically a disk includes PowerPoint, a post-seminar-quiz, and documents in .pdf format. All PowerPoints may be customized with PowerPoint software. If the Instructor does not have PowerPoint software, the PowerPoint may be presented with the free PowerPoint viewer but cannot be customized.

What is a Leader's Guide?

Many of our programs have Leader's Guides or Model Procedures Guides to complement the training package. Leader's Guides are intended to be used as a guide in setting up a training seminar based on the subject matter of the program. They include pre- and post-seminar tests; ideas for classroom and field activities; a copy of the script for reference; and extra reference material that will be of interest to seminar attendees.

What is a Model Procedures Guide?

Model Procedures Guides are intended to be used as a template for developing Standard Operating Procedures suitable for organizations and jurisdictions. Many also include charts, checklists, and other resources helpful in creating an effective plan.

How long has Emergency Film Group been in business?

Emergency Film Group is a division of Detrick Lawrence Corp, which was founded in 1978 for the purpose of developing and producing films and videos for television, education, advertising, industry, corporations and non-profit organizations. To date, Detrick Lawrence has over 200 films to its credit and has won more than 140 awards in national and international film festivals. The business was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1983. In 1989, Emergency Film Group was formed as an operating division of Detrick Lawrence to distribute films of interest to the hazardous materials, environmental and emergency response communities.

Who uses your training programs?

We have over 14,000 customers worldwide. Among the organizations that purchase our products are police and fire training departments and academies; federal, state and local governmental agencies; petrochemical companies; hospitals, EMS and other medical organizations; utilities; transportation; industries such as pulp and paper; food processing; mining; steel; rubber; and consultants. Our products are used to provide emergency response training on a variety of issues to fire fighters, hazmat response team members, police, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, fire brigade members, military personnel, environmental workers, emergency management personnel, and healthcare workers, as well as many others.

How are your programs created?

We finance and produce our programs. Subjects are chosen based on customer needs.

We begin by hiring a technical committee of subject matter experts who review the program at several stages as the work progresses. Once a satisfactory script is complete, we select suitable shooting locations. Typically, we work with emergency response teams who have already developed forward-looking programs in the subject field.

Our field production crew is made up of veteran personnel who have extensive experience in broadcast television, feature film and commercial production. Our crew is committed to training emergency responders and has in-depth knowledge of response procedures and award-wining production skills. Actual emergency responders are used on camera. Narration is supplied by nationally recognized professional narrators-typically members of SAG/AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild).

Programs often include footage of actual incidents provided by CNN and other broadcast networks. Animation or specialized graphics may be created to illustrate important points. All the footage is then edited in our state-of-the-art digital editing suite, in which special effects, sound effects and music can be synthesized into the finished product.

During post production packaging, ancillary materials -  such as leader's guides and model procedures guides - are prepared. Finally, the completed program goes to our DVD authoring suite where it is formatted as a DVD and where additional bonus materials, such as an interactive quiz, are added.

Where do you find your technical committee members?

Having been in the emergency response industry for almost 30 years, we know who the leading experts on the current issues are. As well, we are well known and highly respected in the industry and often technical committee members seek us out. Each program has a carefully selected technical committee of five or six authorities, some of who have served on multiple programs and some of who specialize in a specific field.

Are your programs OSHA certified?

Unfortunately, OSHA does not certify training materials. When certification is required, OSHA states "the employer shall so certify." We certify that our programs offer the best information available on a subject. However, the employer must take into consideration the hazards that employees will face and the tasks that they will be expected to perform. Our Leader's Guides provide information to assist in setting up a complete program of instruction. Some of our Resource CD-ROMs provide a certificate of completion. OSHA does say that DVDs may be used as part of a training program leading to certification, but cautions that some activities, such as donning and doffing protective clothing, must be taught by a hands-on instructor. An added note is that the OSHA Training Institute is an Emergency Film Group customer.

Does Emergency Film Group perform on-site training?

Emergency Film Group does not regularly provide on site training, but can set up train-the-trainer programs for interested customers. Also many of the EFG technical committee members provide on-site training. So if you tell us what your needs are we may be of assistance.

Can we make copies of your videos?

Absolutely NOT. Our videos are copyrighted and copying them in whole or in part is a direct violation of copyright laws. In fact, we offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of persons who have made illegal copies of our products. However, if you would like to purchase footage or multiple copies of a program at a discount, call us at 1-877-881-2235 (follow menu options).