Roles & Responsibilities DVD

Roles & Responsibilities DVD training video is Module 1 of the Professional Security Officer Series. This module studies how professional security officers support a secure facility in a professional, friendly, and welcoming manner and portrays many of the common problems Security Officers will be expected to address.

Topics covered include:
  • Responding to an accident or incident
  • Gaining trust and respect from the people they protect
  • Maintaining a "Command Presence" during stressful events
  • Ethical behavior as a key to professionalism
  • Cultural diversity
  • Working with the elderly and physically impaired
  • Handling crisis situations such as workplace violence and disorderly conduct
  • Working with emergency responders
  • Testifying in court
  • Using company-issued equipment
This module includes a DVD and separate Instructor's CD-ROM that is intended to help structure a training session.

For international orders, please call 713-621-1100.

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