Advanced Marine Firefighting Training Series

When a fire breaks out, accurate and effective command decisions can reduce injury, decrease property damage, and keep a small fire form raging out of control.

Advanced Marine Firefighting Training Series is a five-part series that instructs senior officers and their crews on how to tackle marine fires using advanced techniques and team leadership.

The first three parts of the series take you through the initial steps in the command process. Parts four and five complete your training with an in-depth look at the fire command process and a demonstration of how to fight the more dangerous types of fires.

Programs in this series include:
  • Advanced Marine Firefighting: Pre-Planning the Emergency
  • Advanced Marine Firefighting: Strategies and Tactics
  • Advanced Marine Firefighting: Size Up
  • Advanced Marine Firefighting: The Fire Command Process
  • Advanced Marine Firefighting: Engine Room and Machinery Space Firefighting


For international orders, please call 713-621-1100.

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