Oilfield Safety and Orientation Training Series

Oilfield Safety and Orientation Training Series is designed for new and existing employees in the Oil and Gas Industries, the curriculum follows the educational parameters presented in the International Association of Drilling Contractors Rig Pass program and the United State's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's recommended practices.

Titles included:

Safety Orientation for Drilling and Oilfield Employees DVD helps students become familiar with the industry and regulatory safety instruction vital to keeping oilfield employees safe while on the job.

Introduction to Oilfield & Drilling Operations and Equipment DVD explains about all the people it takes to run a rig and support a drilling operation; in addition, they will become familiar with the equipment, tools and services that a rig and the oilfield needs to do this job.

Drilling Crews and Oilfield Support Personnel Duties & Responsibilities DVD provides vital knowledge of who does what in the oil and gas exploration process.

Working Smart: A Guide to Soft Tissue Injury Prevention and Wellness for Oilfield Employees DVD offers viewers with the knowledge and information to be able to work in neutral body positions that will help elevate built up stress on the muscles and ligaments of the body, allowing the worker to perform difficult tasks injury free.

Hydrogen Sulfide Safety for the Oilfield Industry DVD educates oilfield employees and contractors on how to recognize when Hydrogen Sulfide is present in their work area and to introduce the precautions necessary to work with Hydrogen Sulfide safely.

This information will help fulfill the training requirements of API Recommended Practice 49, ANSI Z390.1 and other international regulatory standards.

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