PPE for Ebola & Other Hazards: Protecting Healthcare Workers

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The threat of Ebola cases in America has highlighted the need for rigid requirements for the use of PPE by healthcare workers to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. Since there are no vaccines, proper use of effective PPE is the only way to stop the spread of Ebola. (For more information, see here)


PPE for Ebola & Other Hazards: Protecting Healthcare Workers DVD describes how to select the proper type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as required by OSHA, to use in order to protect healthcare workers from exposure to patients contaminated with Ebola or other infectious diseases, industrial chemicals, and biological and chemical warfare agents.


This program is designed to provide training and information about the use of protective clothing and equipment to EMS and hospital staff, first receivers, hazmat teams, law enforcement, and waste management workers.

Included in this program is an Instructor CD-ROM with resources, exercises, references, PowerPoint presentation, and testing materials that will help instructors with seminar presentations.


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