Thermal Mask Allows Firefighters to See Through Smoke

According to the National Fire Protection Association, smoke causes more deaths than flames do. The fumes from the smoke quickly overcome people and unable to breathe. As the smoke sucks the concentration of oxygen from the room, they begin losing their coordination and judgment abilities and quickly fall into unconsciousness.

The smoke also blinds firefighters, severely hampering rescue efforts. And although firefighters use thermal imaging cameras which allow them to see through that smoke, even that process can be dangerous, leaving the firefighter only one hand to use because the other is required to hold the camera. But one piece of equipment could change all that – a thermal mask with a camera.

The camera, developed by Scott Safety, is called Sight. It weighs approximately eight ounces, so it does not interfere with the weight of the mask itself. Using a smartphone app to configure frames per second and other settings, the camera projects a thermal image inside the mask.

The price of the mask is more affordable than traditional thermal cameras used by firefighting teams, which can cost thousands. Sight sells for about $1,500

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