Planning the Response: Ludwig Benner

The Hazmat Legends Series presents more than 25 nationally recognized leading hazmat responders - with more than 900 years of combined boots on the ground experience. As influential instructors, widely read authors and hazmat responders, they have seen it all and now in this exciting and comprehensive series, they explain how and why hazmat teams do the things they do. These exciting programs cover it all - whether you have new recruits to train or want to provide a stimulating refresher for your team.

Planning the Response examines the critical process of choosing response objectives and response options. Covers information gathering, hazards analysis, and command's role in developing an incident action plan. Explains how responders use facts, science, and circumstances to plan rescue operations, protective actions, select PPE, and choose a decontamination protocol.

Ludwig Benner is president of Ludwig Benner & Associates, a firm specializing in investigation. As a chemical engineer and registered Professional Engineer, his investigation experience includes a variety of vehicle, aircraft, fire, hazmat, and industrial incidents. Previously he conducted or managed hazmat transportation accident investigations for the National Transportation Safety Board. He also teaches courses on investigation issues. In this clip, Ludwig discusses things hazmat responders need to look for in order to change the outcome of a hazmat/WMD incident. 


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