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A Summer of Mass Shootings
There were several mass shootings this summer which resulted in multiple deaths throughout the country. Read more on the Emergency Film Group Blog.
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Offers training for those who may respond to an incident involving dangerous gases. This four DVD package provides comprehensive training for emergency personnel to effectively respond to these dangerous incidents.
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Provides OSHA training for clean-up personnel. This safety video is an overview of factors to consider during the response.
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This safety training video describes the hazards of chlorine as well as safe work practices and safe response to incidents where chlorine is involved
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Industry experts say the dangers of crude have long been under appreciated and need to be communicated to the hundreds of counties and cities that have seen a surge in crude oil trains in their communities.
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Examines all current foam concentrates, including FP, AFFF, AR-AFFF, FFFP, High expansion and Class A foams and their use for various types of fires. Winner of two industry awards.