Fire, Hazmat, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, EMS, Police training on DVD & Online
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This program describes the hazards of chlorine as well as safe work practices and safe response to incidents where chlorine is involved.
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The HazChem Series video training contains eleven DVDs and materials. Introduces fundamental lessons about safe handling and emergency response procedures for specific chemical or class of chemicals.
Anhydrous Ammonia DVD outlines an active program of safety and inspection to prevent accidents, as well as proper response procedures
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Hazardous Waste DVD training video is part of the HazChem Series. It teaches emergency responders to proceed safely at hazardous waste sites.
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Provides training for emergency responders and for petroleum and other industrial personnel who may encounter hydrogen sulfide and its hazards.
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For workers and for emergency response personnel who work with or may respond to an incident involving inorganic oxidizers. Examines ammonium nitrate, calcium hypochlorite and nitric acid.