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Protective Actions: Evacuation/Shelter In Place DVD

Protective Actions: Evacuation/Shelter In Place DVD


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Protective Actions: Evacuation/ Shelter in Place DVD is an emergency response video training to implement evacuation or shelter
in place operations; procedures to follow for a successful evacuation.
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Protective Actions: Evacuation/Shelter in Place DVD-based video training program is for emergency response personnel: incident commanders, police officers, emergency management personnel, National Guard troops, hazmat teams, firefighters, security personnel, dispatchers, emergency operations center personnel and others who might be involved in ordering or carrying out protective actions.

Topics covered include:
  • Issues to consider when deciding whether to implement protective actions
  • Deciding between evacuation and shelter in place
  • Steps to take for both procedures
  • Covers both incidents that are anticipated and those that come with no warning
  • Covers both pre-emergency and post-emergency evacuations
  • Determining the evacuation area
  • Alerting the public
  • Determining evacuation routes and methods
  • Re-entry of evacuees
  • Precautions to be taken to keep people safe indoors
  • Covers sheltering in residences, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and vehicles
  • Termination procedures
Includes a CD-ROM with PowerPoint presentation to assist the Instructor.

For international orders, please call 713-621-1100.

Additional Information

Technical Committee Gene Carlson, Rem Gaade, Glen Rudner, Chase Sargent, Craig Shelley
Copyright 2013
Course Length 28 minutes