Trucking Hazardous Materials DVD

SKU TR9301
Trucking Hazardous Materials DVD training video assists first responders in understanding the regulations of shipping dangerous chemicals.  Because of the large number of hazardous chemicals used in modern industrial processes, thousands of these hazardous materials are shipped on roadways every year. On any given highway, the threat of a serious accident is always present.

Shipments of hazardous materials in the US are subject to a specific set of rules published and enforced by the DOT. This includes clearly defined training requirements, which detail the training that employees who handle hazardous materials must undergo. The purpose of the training is to increase awareness of safety considerations, resulting in fewer accidents.

The video describes the nature of hazardous materials as defined by the nine DOT hazard classes and tells how to use labels, placards and markings to identify hazmat containers. Other topics covered include filling out shipping papers properly, using the DOT hazmat tables, correct loading and unloading procedures and how to react safely in the event of an unexpected spill or leak in order to best protect the community and the environment.


Instructor's guide included.

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