Patient Decontamination DVD

SKU FR0704

Patient Decontamination DVD is the fourth module in the Hospital First Receiver Series.

It explains the importance of hospital decontamination plans for large numbers of causalities in the event of a major terrorist, hazmat or natural catastrophe resulting in contaminated patients. Without a plan, hospitals risk contamination of staff, patients and the facility.

This program follows the Joint Commission's accreditation standards for decontamination and emergency planning and outlines the process of quickly mobilizing a hospital decontamination team. It is also ideal for training new decon teams, as well ad for refresher training.

Topics covered include:

  • Decontamination techniques for ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients 

  • Weather and modesty issues 

  • Equipment and supplies needed 

  • Integrating traige with decon 

  • Post decon activities

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