Inorganic Oxidizers DVD

SKU HZ9610
Inorganic Oxidizers DVD is a safety training video for workers and for emergency response personnel who require safety training because they work with or may respond to an incident involving inorganic oxidizers.

This program is part of the HazChem Series of safety training videos and examines the most common inorganic oxidizers: ammonium nitrate, calcium hypochlorite, and nitric acid.

Topics covered include: 
  • Basic hazard properties of liquid and solid oxidizers
  • Safety techniques for handling an emergency involving inorganic oxidizers
  • Where oxidizers might be found
  • What hazards are specific to each chemical
  • Symptoms of exposure
  • How to assist victims who have been contaminated by oxidizers
  • Safe storage and handling procedures
  • Incompatibility issues
  • First response, size-up, protective clothing and breathing apparatus for incidents
  • Isolating the scene
  • Controlling vapors, containing the spill, and evacuation
  • Containers, DOT placarding, NFPA markings
  • Protecting water supplies
  • Fire fighting, decontamination and cleaning up spills

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