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Hospital First Receiver Series DVDs

Runtime: 110 minutes

OSHA Hazwoper training for hospitals. Don't let unexpected contamination close your facility!

Hospital First Receiver series of training videos teaches staff to avoid contamination and conduct patient decontamination during periods of mass casualties.

Hospital First Receiver Series
is a 4-module series of OSHA Hazwoper training videos, providing health and safety training for hospital personnel to protect them against exposure to contaminants during mass casualty situations. This program is peer reviewed.

Hospital First Receiver Series provides at least eight hours of training in the competencies required by OSHA for healthcare personnel to be certified at the Operations Level.

For information about the Hazwoper Standard and how Hospital First Receiver helps organizations meet this law, click here.

An incident involving mass casualties from a hazardous material or WMD event would place healthcare facilities and staff at risk of contamination. This training package includes four safety training DVDs, an Instructor CD-ROM and Workbook.

The four modules, which are also available separately, are:

Benefits of the package:
  • Boosts disaster preparedness, as promoted by the US Department of Health & Human Services
  • 8 hours of Operations Level Training
  • Follows Joint Commission accreditation standards for decontamination and emergency planning
  • Follows the guidelines of OSHA's Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers
  • Explains and portrays the use of ICS within a healthcare environment that is consistent with the most recent revision of the Hospital Incident Command System
  • Helps healthcare facilities integrate with the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • Provides Awareness training that is appropriate for all healthcare personnel (Module 1)
  • Provides in-depth training on the use of protective clothing and respiratory protection (Module 3)

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