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Hazmat/WMD Awareness DVD

Runtime: 25 min.

This DVD trains personnel in Awareness competencies, as defined by OSHA & NFPA

Hazmat/WMD Awareness DVD provides OSHA Awareness training for personnel who might be first on the scene of an emergency involving hazardous materials or terrorism.

This safety video demonstrates recognizing the presence of hazardous materials, self-protection, calling for support from trained personnel and securing the area. It addresses the latest NFPA 472 requirements for Awareness personnel.

Hazmat/WMD Awareness is designed for police officers, firefighters, security, highway workers, EMS, industrial personnel and others who could be the first on the scene of an emergency involving hazardous materials or terrorism. 

Topics covered include:
  • How hazardous materials can harm people and the environment
  • Label and placarding systems
  • Using the Emergency Response Guidebook, MSDS, and other hazard identification systems
  • The four categories of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the associated risks
  • Addresses both fixed facility and transportation incidents

The program included Leader's Guide outlines a 4-hour (or longer) training seminar, including pre- and post-seminar tests, ideas for activities, a copy of the script and reference materials.

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