Fire, Hazmat, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, EMS, Police training on DVD & Online

Hazchem Series DVDs

Runtime: 11 DVDs

Learn to recognize and respond safely to hazardous chemicals!

The HazChem Series of training videos from Emergency Film Group consists of eleven modules, each examines hazards of and response to a specific chemical or class of chemicals
The HazChem Series of training videos consists of eleven DVDs, an Instructor's Guide and six CD-ROMs. Each training video introduces fundamental lessons about safe handling and emergency response procedures for a specific hazardous chemical or class of chemicals.

Each includes footage of actual incidents combined with action-packed realistic training scenarios to get students up close as firefighters, police, EMTs and industry teams carry out procedures to mitigate incidents involving hazardous products.

Topics covered include:
  • Hazardous properties of the product
  • Occupancies where they are found
  • Proper protective clothing
  • Decontamination procedures
  • Proper response to leak, spills or fires
  • Emergency medical treatment

Titles are available separately or as a package deal at a substantial savings. Valuable for Hazwoper and Right to Know training. The eleven films currently available are:

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