Hazmat/WMD Self-Protection for Law Enforcement DVD

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Hazmat/WMD Self-Protection for Law Enforcement
DVD training video studies law enforcement's use of personal protective clothing and personal protective equipment, including respiratory protection and chemical protective clothing. The package includes a DVD plus separate Instructor's CD-Rom.

Note: Click here for the Fire Department version of this program.

Topics covered include:
  • Why protective equipment is necessary
  • Features and limitations of different types of respiratory protection
  • Respiratory protection used for WMD incidents
  • EPA levels of protective ensembles
  • Standards for chemical protective clothing
  • Donning and doffing PPE
  • Inspecting and storing PPE
  • Medical considerations when using PPE
  • Avoiding heat stress
Includes Instructor's CD-ROM with PowerPoint and other resources to help structure a training seminar.

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