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Emergency Management Packages I & II

Runtime: 6 DVDs

Two packages for the price of one!

Emergency Management Packages I & II
Purchase Emergency Management Package I and Emergency Management Package II for just the price of one package. Six DVDs, three resource CD-ROMs, and three Instructor Guides. Limited time offer.

The Emergency Management Package I provides helpful training for emergency response personnel: incident commanders, police officers, emergency management personnel, National Guard troops, hazmat teams, firefighters, security personnel, dispatchers, emergency operations center personnel and others who might have emergency management responsibilities.

The three programs in this package are:

NIMS: Introduction to the National Incident Management System provides NIMS video training describing response protocols for hazardous materials, terrorist, and other major incidents. Focus is on the Incident Command System. Topics covered include:
  • The structure of ICS
  • The advantages of using a standardized incident management system during complex response situations
  • How Command is established and transferred
  • When and how Unified Command is used
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Incident Commander's staff
  • The four sections that may be activated at complex incidents: Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Administration & Finance
  • The role of Multi-Agency Coordination Systems (MACS) and emergency operations centers
  • Managing incident-related intelligence
  • Model Procedures Guide Included with DVD

 Includes Leader's Guide.

Protective Actions: Evacuation/Shelter in Place teaches organizations how to organize and carry out an evacuation plan. Topics covered include:

  • Issues to consider when deciding whether to implement protective actions
  • Deciding between evacuation and shelter in place
  • Steps to take for both procedures
  • Covers both incidents that are anticipated and those that come with no warning
  • Covers both pre-emergency and post-emergency evacuations
  • Determining the evacuation area
  • Alerting the public
  • Determining evacuation routes and methods
  • Re-entry of evacuees
  • Precautions to be taken to keep people safe indoors
  • Covers sheltering in residences, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and vehicles
  • Termination procedures
Includes a CD-ROM with PowerPoint presentation.

Hazmat/WMD Awareness provides OSHA Awareness training for personnel who might be first on the scene of an emergency involving hazardous materials or terrorism. Topics covered include:
  • How hazardous materials can harm people and the environment
  • Label and placarding systems
  • Using the Emergency Response Guidebook, MSDS, and other hazard identification systems
  • The four categories of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the associated risks
  • Addresses both fixed facility and transportation incidents
Includes Leader's Guide.

The Emergency Management Package II provides emergency management directors the tools to ensure all police officers, firefighters, hazmat teams, bomb squads, EMTs, and other emergency management personnel are trained to respond to active shooter or mass casualty terrorist events.

The three programs in this package are:

Active Shooter: Rapid Response is designed for police, fire, EMS, community and facility emergency management who may be involved in the response to a mass shooting. Topics covered include:

  • Actions for the first arriving officer
  • Perimeter control
  • Equipment
  • Strategies & tactics
  • Dealing with the shooter
  • Victims
  • The EOC
  • Support teams
  • Terminating the incident

Also includes a bonus 5-minute special segment explores approach, entry and search tactics and a resource CD-ROM with PowerPoint, Post-Seminar Quiz and additional resources that will help instructors with seminar presentations.

IEDs & VBIEDs is designed for police officers, firefighters, hazmat teams, bomb squads, EMTs, emergency management, military personnel, security guards and others who may encounter or respond to incidents involving IEDs. Both pre- and post-detonation response are portrayed. Topics covered include:

  • Types of explosives and precursor chemicals that are often used to construct an IED
  • Warning signs of the presence of a possible VBIED including new configurations based on al-Qaeda intelligence
  • Conducting reconnaissance, evacuation distances, and using remote robots
  • Establishing Unified Command
  • Sizing up the incident
  • Managing victims
  • Preserving evidence

Includes resource CD-ROM with PowerPoint, Post-Seminar Quiz and additional resources that will help instructors with seminar presentations.

Terrorism: Explosive & Incendiary Weapons provides training on Improvised Explosive Devices, fusing mechanisms, suicide missions, dirty bombs, vehicle bombs, rockets and secondary devices for emergency responders. Topics covered include:

  • Determining evacuation distances
  • Setting strategic goals
  • Search and rescue
  • Firefighting in a terrorist environment
  • Dealing with mass casualties
  • Investigation activities
  • Recovery

Includes Leader's Guide.

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