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Incident Investigation for Oilfield Supervisors

Runtime: 18 minutes

Trains the company investigator in the full range of duties from investigation to reporting.

Incident Investigation for Oilfield Supervisors
This program, Incident Investigation for Oilfield Supervisors DVD, was filmed exclusively at oilfield locations, both land-based and offshore, and portrays realistic scenarios in which employees are involved in an incident and are asked to cooperate with the investigation.

It provides training to the company investigator on the full range of duties, including building cooperation with the crew, analyzing data to determine root causes, recommending modifications to safety systems or operating procedures, and following reporting guidelines to ensure regulatory compliance.

Topics covered include:

Before the Investigation
Preparing for investigations

Securing the Scene & Gathering Data
Securing the scene
Investigative equipment
Surveying and analyzing the scene

Successful Interviewing
Building cooperation
Interview techniques

Analyzing the Data & Reporting
Analyzing data to find root causes
Presenting conclusions and recommendations

Regulatory Compliance
Proper forms and procedures
Reporting requirements

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