Fire, Hazmat, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, EMS, Police training on DVD & Online

Fire Department Training Video Library

Runtime: 40 DVDs

Purchase this comprehensive firefighter training video package and save $6,000!

The Fire Department Training Video Library from Emergency Film Group includes 40 DVDs plus books and CD-Roms.
This comprehensive library of training videos is for those dedicated to promoting the safety of firefighters. Includes forty DVDs, nine guides, and nine resource CD-ROMs.

A complete reference library for firefighters, fire chiefs, training officers and everyone else dedicated to saving the lives of firefighters and promoting safety in the communities they serve. These are the programs that will enrich your library - whether in a fire academy, university, college or fire department.

Topics covered include:
  • Firefighter safety
  • Hazmat response
  • Operations Level training
  • Terrorism preparedness & response
  • Decontamination
  • Incident management
  • Much more

Many of these titles have won awards for training excellence in national and international competition. Technical committee members for each program are custom selected and include world-class authorities on each topic. Programs are updated regularly.

This package qualifies for purchase with US Department of Homeland Security grants as reference materials.