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Oil Spill Response Series DVDs

Oil Spill Response Series DVDs


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Oil Spill Response Series is a five module DVD program that is a course for oil spill clean-up
workers who must meet OSHA and USCG requirements.
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Oil Spill Response Series DVD video training teaches oil spill clean-up safety and provides OSHA training for oil spill clean-up contractors. It addresses major oil spills and describes countermeasures for both land and sea spills.

Oil Spill Response Series is a five-part training series that provides important health and safety information for clean-up workers. Created with the assistance of the US Coast Guard, this series examines all recognized clean-up technologies and emphasizes waste management techniques. It is used worldwide by the US Coast Guard and some 500 other organizations. It is ideal as a crash course to meet OSHA and USCG regulations. 

Modules included (see program descriptions at individual titles):
The series also includes a Leader's Guide that outlines a course of instruction.

For international orders, please call 713-621-1100.

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Technical Committee Alan Breese, Cdr. Mike Drieu, Brian Fay, Cdr. Phil Glenn, Capt. Richard Harbert, Ed Hawthorne, Cdr. Harlan Henderson, Joe Leonard, Thomas McCloskey, William Nichols, Greg Noll, Jim OBrien, Capt. Frank Whipple, Ed Wieliczewski