EFG’s New Training Program for Commercial Explosive Incidents – Part II

The second part of Emergency Film Group’s production shoot for Responding to Highway Incidents Involving Commercial Explosives brought us to Alabama. (See related story here).

Dillard Morrison and Jim Simeone

Sound engineer Dillard Morrison and DP Jim Simeone preparing for shot.

Our first stop was at a surface coal mine run by Nelson Brothers Inc. Our crew was given a tour of the mine, including a demonstration of how the coal is exposed. We got some great technical footage of the way commercial explosives are utilized in this endeavor.

Day two in Alabama was spent with the all-volunteer Dora Fire Department. One deadly scenario that can occur when transporting commercial explosives is the truck catching on fire. The Dora F.D. did a great job in helping us create that situation for the film. We also did some filming at a local home that had previously burned down, recreating another dangerous situation that emergency responders should always be aware of when dealing with any kind of incidents involving explosives. (See related story here.)  


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