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Chief John Eversole (dec.)

John Eversole (dec.), Chicago Fire Department was District Chief of Special Functions, Chicago Fire Department. He also served as Chair of the Hazardous Materials Committee of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and Chairman of the National Fire Protection Associationís hazardous materials committee. Chief Eversole played a major role in helping to shape legislation impacting the fire service, particularly in the areas of hazardous materials, firefighter safety and terrorism. He was often called to testify before Congressional committees on issues involving domestic terrorist threats. In 1998, Eversole was a major force behind efforts to thwart the release on the internet of worst case scenario information about chemical sites, which was considered to be one of the greatest victories for the fire service in Washington, D.C. that year.

Chief Eversole was a technical committee member for several Emergency Film Group training videos, including the OSHA video training series Hazmat Operations.