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Gene Carlson

York Cty. (PA) Hazmat Team
A pioneer in hazardous materials emergency response training, Gene Carlson served at Fire Protection Publications at Oklahoma State University for 23 years as writer, editor, and assistant director. He has authored many books and articles including Hazardous Materials with Warren Isman, Principles of Extrication, Haz Mat Response Team Leak and Spill Guide, Hose Practices, Fire Service Ground Ladder Practices, and Fire Ventilation Practices. He has served as Chair of the NFPA’s Committee on Firefighter Professional Qualifications and is currently on the NFPA Committees on Fire Service Training and Hazardous Materials Response Personnel. He has lectured around the world and is the recipient of the Hudiberg Memorial Award from the International Fire Service Training Association for significant contributions to the training of fire fighters. Currently he is Training Chief of the York County, Pennsylvania Hazmat Team and the Vice –President of the American Branch of the Institute of Fire Engineers.

Gene Carlson is a technical committee member for Emergency Film Group's training video Protective Actions: Evacuation vs. Shelter in Place.