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Scott Turner

HMHTTC Response Inc.
Scott L. Turner, President and CEO of HMHTTC, has extensive experience in hazardous material emergency response. He responds to incidents as a Senior Coordinator for high risk responses. He has served as an expert witness for the Manhattan District Attorneys' office for environmental crime cases. Mr. Turner has been invited to serve on several committees in the capacity of Board of Advisors such as Chemical Manufactures Association (CHEMTREC) and New Jersey/New York Hazardous Waste Workers Training Centers, sponsored by the University of Medicine and Dentistry. Mr. Turner is a Specialist Instructor for both the New Jersey State Police and the Philadelphia Fire Academy. He is nationally known for his lectures, articles and training videos on the subject of safe responses to cargo tank truck emergencies.

Scott Turner is a technical committee member for Emergency Film Group's training video Hazardous Waste.