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Dr. William Patrick (dec.)

Biological Warfare Consultant
Prior to his death in 2010, Dr. Patrick was a leader in the field of agents of bioterrorism, serving as chief of Product Development Divison at the Biological Warfare Laboratories, where products included bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiase and toxins. He also worked in virus production, field testing of munitions systems, and as Plans and Programs Officer for USAMRIID, among other positions. More recently, he has worked with DIA, AFMIC, CIA, USAMRIID, FBI, Secret Service and other institutions, providing lectures on biological agents, biodefense, biosafety and more. His experience has been instrumental in understanding Iraq's bioogical warfare program. After his retirement he has continued to produce reports and papers for these organizations and others on a wide variety of bioterrorist agents. Much of his work is described in the widely-distributed book. Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War.

Dr. Patrick was a technical committee member for Emergency Film Group's training video Terrorism: Biological Weapons.