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Dan Keenan

California Specialized Training Institute
Dan Keenan has been a firefighter and HazMat responder for the City of Oakland Fire Services Agency since 1991. He is certified by CSTI (California Specialized Training Institute) as a Hazardous Materials Instructor. Dan felt a need to promote hazardous materials training with the use of live chemical demonstrations, and this interest fueled the development of his course called "Fun With Chemistry". Dan’s expertise in chemical demonstrations has been featured in the Emergency Film Group’s video, “Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals” as well as "Fun With Chemistry." Dan received the James H. Meidl “Instructor of the Year” Award in 1999 – sponsored by California State Fire Marshal. Dan is a consultant to HazTech Systems Inc., manufacturers of the HazCat Kit ®. He has been teaching Field Identification of Unknowns classes for over ten years. He has made use of his experience and expertise to teach Advanced Field Identification of Unknown Hazardous Substances to federal EPA On-Scene-Coordinators at their Nationwide Training conference. Dan is also a consultant with Davis Defense Group where he teaches response to Chemical Warfare Agent laboratories.

Dan served on the technical committee for several Emergency Film Group training videos, including Fun With Chemistry.