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Jim O'Brien

O'Brien Oil Pollution Services, Inc.
James L. O'Brien has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of O'Brien's Oil Pollution Service, Inc. since 1983. He is a former officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, where he was involved with pollution response, including an assignment as the leader of the Pacific Strike Team, an oil and hazardous substance spill response entity. He has responded to over 150 significant oil spill events, including well blowouts, vessel collision and strandings, facility releases, and pipeline ruptures, and participated in spill removal efforts during Desert Storm operations in Saudi Arabia. Mr. O'Brien's company provides individual services for companies and serves as the contract spill management team organization for a number of clients. He has published articles in professional journals and has conducted presentations at national and international technical conferences.

Jim O'Brien is a technical committee member for Emergency Film Group's Oil Spill Response Series of training videos.